How to Calculate Pain and Suffering Damages After a Car Accident?

Before you decide to make an injury claim, after getting into a car accident, It is very essential and vital for you to determine what should be the price for your calamities and pain. This step has great importance as you can then decide a genuine and valid amount that you should put up to compensate for your loss. If you decide to go to your insurance company, they already have various methods by which they would determine the magnitude of your loss and then allot your injury claim a specific value

How is pain and suffering calculated after a car accident? It is quite simple to determine the clear and evident costs like the vehicle repair expense, hospital bills, or the lost wages. The topic which demands more and critical attention is the compensation for pain and suffering after a car accident.

Method 1: The "Multiplier"

How to calculate pain and suffering after a car accident? The Attorneys quite often use this method of The Multiplier to calculate the pain and suffering caused by the car accident. The Attorneys multiply the complete damage, including the economic setback with a specific number. The common practice is to multiply the complete loss by 3 or more. Through this method, you can easily put a reasonable and justifiable amount as your demand in the demand letter.

How to determine pain and suffering after a car accident? Let us assume that your total medical bills cost you around $5,000, your burden of lost wages comes around $1,000 and then you add up your car repair expense $2,000. Your total amount would rise to $8,000. Now after multiplying it by 3 you can claim $24,000 of the amount in your demand letter.

These days most of the insurance companies find this method of evaluation of pain and suffering as improper and unfitting one. In nowadays the insurance companies trust the computer software to determine the amount which would be presented based on the gravity of loss and likewise other crucial factors involved in a car accident. Now the total amount is relatively less than in the past years.

Likewise in more critical accidents where you paid heavy medical losses for medication and surgeries, the multiplier would automatically become 3 or 4. Likewise in minor accident losses or in those cases where you were at fault, or you were the reason behind the accident, the multiplying number would become 1 or 2.

Method 2: The Daily Rate

There is one other way to calculate the monetary amount of pain and suffering. This method works differently, in this procedure a special rate is allotted to each day you went through that pain or suffering because of that car accident. Eventually, it sums up to determine the final and last amount.

For example, let us assume that your medical expenses cost you $5,000, and then you faced the loss of income of $1,000. These amounts make up $6,000, however, your visits to your doctor did not stop and you kept visiting him for another month and your medication remained continued for three months, until you could go back to your fully regular life. Now if $150 are assigned to each day, the total value for the three months becomes $13,500.

How to assign the daily value?

You can assign the daily value by determining the amount you earn every day, Like if you make $150 daily then it would be reasonable to assign 150$ as daily value.


These two ways are the most durable and professional methods to calculate pain and suffering. Your injury attorney or the insurance company can use either of these methods to put a valid and justifiable demand

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