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    Cartiva Lawsuit

    A synthetic cartilage prosthesis called the Cartiva toe implant treats significant toe arthritis. Recent research shows these implants are poorly engineered and prone to failures that could cause discomfort, additional surgery, and other harm. People with premature implant failure are now filing claims for curative toe implants. File a cartiva lawsuit claim today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cartiva implants are surgically used as devices to replace cartilage of big toe. Cartiva is surgically implanted into big toe in case of any accident that results in loss of big toe.

    Cartiva implants were used frequently for big toe replacement. However, before recovery there was an issue of big toe arthritis reported after the implants that led to Cartiva Lawsuit.

    Cartiva lawsuits are being filed now. The ones who get affected by the Cartiva implants are offered up to $475000 worth of compensation.

    Cartiva implants lasted for whole life. However, several clinical studies proved that they were effective up to 64% but the actual data showed that the implants were successful by only 13%.

    If you and your loved one had undergone a surgical implant that went wrong, you can speak up now. Contact us and share your case with us and we will help you in this matter.