New York Sex Abuse

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New York Sex Abuse

New York City and the state’s courts have faced a deluge of sexual abuse lawsuit filings in recent months, with cases concerning hundreds of victims going back decades. Now, new legislation could let victims have their day in court almost a year sooner than they would have previously been allowed. Learn more.

Introduction of Adult Survivors Act

The New York Adult Survivors Act, signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo in March 2019, grants adult survivors of child sexual abuse the ability to sue for damages against their abusers and others who enabled the abuse. The new law also gives adult survivors many new protections against commercial entities who learn of their past abuse and fail to provide them with support, employment, or housing. Click to read more.


The number of sex abuse claims the Church will be facing is unknown, but the number accrued over the last two years is 11,000. In total, 72 Catholic dioceses across America filed for bankruptcy protection, citing funds drained since becoming aware of these major sex abuse cases. If you are one of the victims, file your case now!

Frequently Asked Questions

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